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Can You Install a Solar Energy System If You Live in an Apartment?

Although many Malaysians live in an apartment, but this should not be a problem to access solar energy.

If you live in an apartment building, you may think that having a solar energy system is not an option, because you don´t own the property, or you don’t have access to the roof.

Your main concern could also be that it is not worth your investment because you don’t own the property.

Some landlords might not want to install a solar power system, mainly because the initial cost is high, and they don’t receive the benefits if they rent out the property.

But this is not true at all. In fact, landlords can truly benefit from installing solar systems in their apartment buildings.

An important question you should ask is whether or not your apartment building is suited for solar power.

Consider this:

  • Solar power systems are better in apartments with four stories or less. If the building has more than four stories, you may also install a solar panel system, as long as the installers have a good and secure place to work and there is a way to get the system to the top.
  • Solar power energy can be distributed from a single Photovolataic System among multiple meters.

Now it is possible to install the same PV systems for everyone in the building, thanks to the virtual net metering, which is a lot less expensive.


There are several benefits for the landlord to install a solar panel system in the apartment, such as:

  • Allow people to generate their own electricity
  • Export excess electricity to the grid
  • Reduce electric bill

No matter where you install the solar power system, it should always be secure firmly to resist strong winds.

This is especially true in high apartment buildings.

Your solar consultant should verify this, and if you have any doubts it is a good idea to contact a structural engineer.

External walls and roofs are also strong enough and you should not have any problem installing a solar power system.

Note that installation in a high building apartment will be more expensive, and it’s even so if your building has steep roof.

Before installing a solar power system in the building, consider the following:



Many building walls and roofs have a waterproof membrane.

It is better if you don’t penetrate the membrane when converting to a solar apartment.

Search for solar panels systems that are designed for flat roofs.

Sometimes there is no way to avoid penetrating the membrane but this should kept to a minimum.

So consult your solar installer if there are any leaks.



Walls between apartments are usually fire proofing.

So it is a good idea to ask your solar panel installer if the solar system would compromise it in any way.

This is something you should also discuss with the fire service company of the building.



Your solar company in Malaysia should make sure if you need any permits to install a solar panel system in the building.

Finally, make sure that the solar company in Malaysia you are choosing has experience installing solar panels on apartment buildings.

Check for reviews, talk to past customers and look for the warranty on solar panels.

Solar energy is not only good for the environment, it’s also amazing in lowering operating costs and increasing return on investment for apartment owners.

The Solar Industry in Malaysia is expanding and solar panels are getting cheaper and cheaper every day. So go green and help save the environment as it has never been easier.

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