Solarvest Energy Sdn BhdProfessional in delivering comprehensive and sustainable solar PV solutions helps you reduce your energy cost.

Solarvest Energy, a full turnkey Solar PV solution provider, expertise in delivering proven cost-effective Solar PV solutions. Our experienced sales and engineering team is capable to provide you a customized design Solar PV system that sized to your demands. We offer a full suite of services including consultation, design and engineering, procurement, project management and construction, and operational care and support. We are experts in delivering quality products, maximize your benefits and meet sustainability goals through deployment of Solar PV system for our clients across Malaysia!

Are soaring utility costs hurting your profitability? A custom design Solar PV system is a way better solution to reduce your high utility bill and lowering your operating expenses, and hence higher profit! Solarvest are specialize in deliver Solar PV system for Commercial and Industrial business. We utilized renewable energy resources to bring maximum benefits to your business.

Let us help you to reduce your monthly electricity expenses with high return Solar PV system solutions You will benefit from:

  • Qualify for lucrative tax incentives (GITA and CA) -link to FAQ
  • Higher earnings by leveraging your on-site Solar PV generation potential
  • Protection against volatile fuel prices in today’s competitive economy
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

Learn more about how Solarvest can help you reduce your utility expenses and boost savings with superior investment in Solar PV solution

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Net Energy Metering

Net Energy Metering (NEM) is a scheme that allows self-consumption of electricity generated by user’s Solar PV system, while selling the excess energy to the distribution licensee (TNB) at 1 to 1 offset according to the tariff of the user. The quota of NEM is to be 500MW, in which the breakdown goes to 120MW for domestic user, 195MW for commercial user and 185MW for Industrial user.

NEM is one of the most effective methods of encouraging the rapid deployment of distributed Renewable Energy (RE) generation. NEM policy encourages users to install Solar PV system to reduce their electricity bills significantly every month.

The energy produced from user’s solar PV system will be first consumed, then any excess exported (sold back) to the distribution licensee (TNB). This means that user can save money without need to install expensive battery storage while still able to enjoy deduction on the electricity bills through every energy (kWh) exported to the distribution licensee.

What our customers think of us?

  • Mr Lee

    “We had successfully implemented solar in our company. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you Solarvest team for prompt deliveries the quality solar project to our company. Solarvest provide excellent safety precautions and product quality. Everything was done safely and swiftly without affecting my factories’ production line. Good work.”

    Mr Lee
    NibongTebal Paper Mill Sdn Bhd – 4.238MWp
  • Mr. Sam Loh

    “Solarvest has been our company consultant since 2014 and they have been providing excellent support since then. I can confidently recommend Solarvest to anybody.”

    Mr. Sam Loh
    EVN Vision Sdn Bhd - 1MWp
  • Mr. Chiau Haw Choon

    “Over the past 5 years, the Solarvest team has successfully carried out various projects for us. They are highly professional and trustworthy.”

    Mr. Chiau Haw Choon
    Managing Director of Chin Hin Group Berhad, FBMKLCI: CHINHIN - 2.85MWp
  • Mr. Tan

    “We feel comfortable with the advice given by Solarvest sales consultants, which is why we decided to go with Solarvest. We are happy with the outcome.”

    Mr. Tan
    Residential - 4kWp
  • Mr. Lewis

    “The Solarvest team is very prompt and efficient in responding to and fixing our problems. I never worry about system maintenance as long as I stay with Solarvest.”

    Mr. Lewis
    Residential - 12kWp
  • Dato Yong

    “Their in depth knowledge of the project lifecycle and technical expertise in Solar PV system installations have not only helped us to successfully deliver our project ahead of schedule, but also successfully enabled our LSSPV plant to be the first project under the second cycle of LSS programme to be commissioned.”

    Dato Yong
    Asia Meranti Sdn Bhd - 12.5MWp, 13MWp & 12.9MWp